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Anting - Anting


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" Rehas " Digital Imaging 44 x 60 inches

Elaine Lopez

In a digital work, Elaine Lopez arrays frames filled with leaves of the San Francisco plant, which are trapped by black-and-white steel bars. The artist meditates on the power of people to break through these confinements and the futility of the metaphysical illusion.

" Hollow Trinity " 4 x 6 feet Acrylic on Canvas 2002

Wilfredo Alicdan

  Wilfredo Alicdan casts a skeptical eye over Catholic iconography and reworks it in by turns caustic, satirical, and militant painting. The works for this exhibition deal with the issues of sloth, apathy, the deluge of Western culture, the burden of embracing a White Christ, and the mingling between Hollywood and colonialism in forging the popular consciousness.

" Banana Republic " 4 x 8 feet Oil on canvas 2002

Emmanuel Garibay

 Emmanuel Garibay sustains such potentially radical critique by relating the cross to the contraption to which the strings of a marionette are attached. This trope of manipulation is pursued by references to imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucratic capitalism in a Dali-esque and askance look at the perversion of Christianity as ideology. 

Performance Art

Irma Lacorte

 Irma Lacorte rounds out this commentary on institutionalized religion by re-performing the ritual of a Catholic wedding, in all its colonial and commodified allure, but inscribing the lesbian alternative into the heterosexist conception of the proper union. This is to be effected in a collaborative performance that leaves traces in the discourse and aesthetic of documentation, the conventional coverage and remembrance in the form of albums, tokens, and matrimonial paraphernalia. This is a thorough mockery of the theater of the wedding and its underlying ideological dramaturgy, down to the last detail of the wedding cakes icing, the wedding singers aria, and the wedding bouquets tearful petal.