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Anting - Anting


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" Guard " 36 x 48 inches Oil on Canvas 2002

Lawrence Borsoto

 Lawrence Borsoto rethinks notions of daily life as quotidian, random, and tedious. For him, it is magical and transformative. His vignettes of the everyday flesh out the almost indiscernible, but nonetheless substantial, miracles that leaven the humble acts of cooking or keeping house, of acting on the capacities and frailties of being human. Borsoto demystifies the supernatural veneer of the anting-anting and thinks about it as part and parcel of waking life.

" Iron Man " 4 x 8 feet Mixed media on Wood 2002

Christian Tamondong

 Christian Tamondong explores the worship of the body and the ways in which it mangles essential principles, which spawns a culture of narcissism and the idolatry of appearance and the surface. For the artist, the body is a vital vessel of values, which are nourished by social norms or disputed by the spiritual will to transgress corporeal limits. 

" Ceremonial Objects " 4 x 8 feet Oil on Canvas 2002


 Nikulas Lebajo conscientiously feels the impulse of the elements of earth, wind, and fire in paintings of bottles arranged almost to perfection, but exposed as well to the uncertain weathers of the world: a paper plane hovers into view, a boat sails by, and candles flicker.

" Mga Anting-Anting ni Nanay " 4 x 8 feet Mixed Media on Canvas 2002

" Palipad Hangin " 4 x 5 feet Mixed media on Canvas 2002

Ma. Rosario Sanchez

Magdiwang Jardiniano

 Rosario Sanchez and Magdiwang Jardiniano further seek the vitality of something as numinous and as flagrant as power in abstract mixed-media works that evince meaning through the saturation of color, the intensity of stroke, or the movement of line.

" Patingin-Tingin " 4 x 9 feet Mixed Media on Canvas 2002

Chriseo Sipat

  In contrast to the efforts of other artists to investigate the ability of people to rise to the occasion and harness the promise of their personality,Criseo Sipat rebukes the lethargy that grips human beings who lay to waste whatever it is they are gifted with and at the end of the day contribute to an ambience of stupor. The artists gallery of eyes of amulets comments on the missed chances on account of an unproductive trust in windfalls and quick-fixes.