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Anting - Anting


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These themes pursued by the artists of Anting-anting would find new articulation in a collaborative work for this exhibition that finally comes to terms with the power of renewing the world through image and image making. Intuited in a space like the museum that stands between everyday life and the so-called rarefied space of art, and at the same time guided by the talismanic concept of the anting-anting, this exhibition plays out as a liminal reflection on the reality that is claimed when the powers of structure are most vulnerable to the risk of and the exposure to the imagination. This state of in-between-ness may be likened to the condition of Good Friday, said to be the moment in which the powers of the anting-anting are replenished, and the time when, according to folk belief, God is dead and a constellation of competing forces conspires to realign our stars beyond the pale of a colonizing faith.







curated by Patrick D.  Flores

Thank you very much to Mr. Sid Hildawa Gomez and to the CCP Staff